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Put your ideas on the shelf.

Welcome to the place where ideas take shape and become award-winning products. Want to see your innovative idea on the shelf and in the homes of hundreds or thousands of people worldwide? As a company built and fueled by innovation, we're here to help.

Inventing for SharkNinja
means building on a culture
of innovation.

At SharkNinja, we make it our mission to positively impact people’s lives every day in every home around the world. We do it by developing insightful ideas at a dynamic pace. That’s also how we’re able to usurp longstanding market leaders, solidify our place as a top brand and redefine market categories.

In 2015, we launched six new Shark and Ninja products that delighted our customers and rocked the marketplace. In 2011, we weren’t even in the kitchen appliances business, and five years from now, who knows what categories and segments we’ll enter. Wherever we go, we’ll be delivering innovations that customers may have never seen before.

Maybe that next big innovation will come from right where you’re sitting. We want to help make it a reality.



Whether you are an individual inventor or a SharkNinja user with ideas on how to improve our products, the way to bring your innovation to SharkNinja’s attention is to submit it on this site. Click here to get started.

We are looking for anything and everything! If you have big ideas to expand our current product lineup, or small suggestions on how to make a product more intuitive, please share. We’re looking for new products and ways to improve those currently in production. If you have it, we want it. It’s that simple.

As you can imagine, SharkNinja receives a high volume of external innovation submissions. This website enables us to process all of your idea submissions efficiently, accurately and effectively, and it allows us to respond in a timely manner. We are committed to reviewing each and every one of the ideas submitted through this portal.

Nope. We listen to any idea, no matter what stage of the process it’s in.

While we promise to review every idea submitted, we want to remind you of what a patent is. A patent is a form of intellectual property used to establish ownership and protect the legal rights of the owners of various different kinds of innovations. We love that you are willing to share a new and unique concept with us, but if you would like more info about protecting your idea, please visit: http://www.uspto.gov/patents-getting-started/general-information-concerning-patents

No. SharkNinja prides itself on its 5-star reputation and ability to innovate. We would never take what doesn’t belong to us.

Our initial review is based on the information you provide on this website. Face-to-face meetings are not required at this stage. Our review might take some time, but we assure you, if we like your idea we will contact you.

Once your idea is submitted, we will confirm receipt of your idea, then our SharkNinja Innovation Team will review your materials. From there, reviewers may accept your idea for further exploration, pass or request details to learn more.

After you submit your idea, you will receive a verification message with a confirmation number. If you do not see the message or receive a number, your entry was not received.

Compensation is an important part of any business deal. We will determine compensation after review and once we discuss the merits of your idea. There is no standard amount.

Unfortunately, no. While we would love if we could provide detailed feedback to every aspiring inventor, we are not able to give a reason for every declined submission. Sometimes the proposed idea is one we have already been working on or isn’t a match for our brand.

How can we innovate together?

If you are a B2B company, supplier or college/university or are interested in sponsorships, we’d love to talk to you about potential partnerships. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and work together.