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People & Culture

At SharkNinja, we move fast because the consumer market waits for no one. We are obsessed with quality, innovation, design, and functionality. We build products that are thoughtful and purposeful, because that’s what consumers demand. 

We will encourage and empower you to create the best and most innovative work of your life. You will have the opportunity to grow, and you will see the tangible results of your hard work every day. We will invest in your success; we take your career acceleration very seriously here.

We’re incredibly proud of the outstanding team we’ve built, and we’re as dedicated to each employee’s career as they are to the company’s success. We have grown our business by growing our people.


United We Tech Video Series by Built In: A Brief Chat With Three SharkNinja Associates

Our Purpose

At SharkNinja, we exist to deliver on our mission of “positively impacting people’s lives, everyday in every home.”

Our consumer is parting with their hard-earned money to buy our product and we are obsessed with delivering extraordinary value and satisfaction for them, down to the smallest detail.

We win because when others say “it’s good enough” we keep going; we want to do everything possible to make our products and services as good as they can possibly be.

When we do this right, we have a chance to create something great: as a company, as a team, and as individuals.

SharkNinja Success Drivers

5 characteristics

Our maniacal focus on delighting our consumer leads us to be “RARELY SATISFIED” and to make things better each day through our “PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION” approach – we are here to play an Infinite Game & set Breakthrough targets and every time we hit a goal we light up a new target and keep going. 

Our knowledge of our consumer helps us to understand that “DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE,” resulting in memorable experiences when we get them right and unfulfilling ones when we miss. It is our job to spot the smoke before the fire and ensure every consumer has flawless experience with SharkNinja.

Our years of learning and evolving around how best to deliver something great shows us that “WINNING IS A TEAM SPORT” and that we are at our best when we are clear and honest with each other, “COMMUNICATING FOR IMPACT.”

Diversity, equity & inclusion

equity, &

At SharkNinja, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is vital to our global success. Valuing each unique voice and blending all of our diverse skills strengthens SharkNinja’s innovation every day. We support ALL of our associates in bringing their authentic selves to work, making an impact, and having the opportunity for career acceleration. With help from our leadership, associates, and our community, we aim to have equity be a key component of the SharkNinja DNA. 

Shark Diversity

Our DE&I program consists of five subcommittees, 80+ global associate volunteers, a core team, and a Steering Committee. Our associates bring passion, dedication, and originality to all of our workstreams.

• ASSOCIATES. We have successfully launched 10 Employee Resource Groups. We look for new platforms and channels to communicate, encourage and surface ideas and questions from our associates worldwide, and offer speaker and workshop events to promote global awareness and collaboration.

• BUSINESS PROCESSES. Focus on metrics setting/tracking and enhancing our processes and systems to seek opportunities for improvement. 

• COMMUNITY IMPACT. We are committed to directly impacting the key pillars of Education, Healthcare, and Jobs & Opportunity. We support our communities through direct donations to non-profit organizations, volunteer work, and partnerships. SharkNinja offers a corporate matching program for associates through SharkNinja Cares.

• TALENT ATTRACTION. Set and strive towards our talent attraction beacon for our global offices and expand our pipeline.

Current Employee Resource Groups

Women@SN We lead and inspire the women of SharkNinja to embrace their power, purpose, and value. We empower women to love the lives they live, entitling their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

Black@SN strives to increase awareness and understanding of the various cultures within the Black community while serving as a safe space for our associates to share experiences, learn, grow, and drive change within the organization.

LGBTQ+@SN represents and elevates the LGBTQ+ community at SharkNinja, and seeks to create a more supportive and inclusive workplace through allyship, education, communication, and mentorship.

Latinx@SN encourages and represents the Latinx community at SharkNinja by providing an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment for the various and diverse Latinx cultures and their allies. We are open to all of our associates in North America and Europe.

South Asian@SN seeks to encourage increased understanding and awareness of all South Asian cultures, increase the level of mentorship of young POC professionals, and strive to foster a more inclusive community.

Pan-Asian@SN seeks to provide opportunities to develop knowledge and appreciation for Asian cultures by connecting our associates in a welcoming community. The group is committed to the core values of self-knowledge, community career development, and company awareness.

Middle Eastern & North African (MENA)@SN wishes to learn and celebrate the vast differing cultures in the Maghreb and Middle eastern regions. Be it Algeria or Egypt, Jordan or Morocco, Djibouti or Yemen. Come, join the conversation and share what you love about your cultural identity.

Expat@SN welcomes all expats working at SharkNinja locations across the world to join a group of colleagues for support, encouragement, and a sounding board for all questions relating to living in a new place. 

DEI-Related Events and Participation

  • Pride Month The LGBTQ+ @ SN ERG will host a leadership speaker panel in celebration on Pride Month focused on career development, LBTQ+ representation in the workplace and LGBTQ+ advocacy.
  • Juneteenth The Black @ SN ERG hosted a virtual live cooking event and conversation with Chef Roze Traore in celebration of Juneteenth.

  • Systemic Equity Training for Inclusive Hiring  Virtual live training with Shari Dunn designed to help participants identify biases in hiring, understanding the conscious and unconscious bias that impact us all, apply principles of “inclusive hiring” and identify microaggressions.
  • Spotify Playlist The Middle East & North Africa @ SN ERG curated musical playlists shared of Maghreb and Middle Eastern countries.
  • Eid al-Fitr 2021 Celebration the South Asian and Middle East & North Africa @ SN ERGs hosted a virtual live session about the breaking of the fast of Ramadan.
  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Events
    • Virtual live cooking event hosted by The Pan-Asian ERG in collaboration with Ninja Kitchen Culinary team.
    • The Pan-Asian & South Asian @ SN ERGs hosted a company-wide AAPI Speaker Panel where SN executive leader and an external leader shared how their backgrounds played a role in getting them where they are today.

  • What is Unconscious Bias?  Virtual educational webcast with Shari Dunn to discuss unconscious bias and attributes to interrupt bias.
  • Home Schooling & Work Balance Webinar

  • Holi and Vaisakhi Celebration  South Asian@SN will host an internal, virtual late-March live event to celebrate the two festivals. The event includes an educational overview, follow-along Bhangra dance class, and game show to test your knowledge. Participants will receive a package full of relevant items to further aid in the celebration.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Fast-Paced and Remote Workplaces Presented in collaboration with the Society of Women Engineers Boston Chapter. In honor of International Women’s Day, this live event featured some of our own leaders to discuss this pertinent issue.
  • California Conference for Women  Close to 40 SharkNinja associates attended this full-day virtual conference filled with amazing keynote speakers. Internally, we had robust, thought-provoking, and fun conversation via chat group throughout the event to share thoughts and highlights.

  • DEI Gift Box  Announced to all DEI committee members that they would receive a DEI Gift Box in appreciation of the passion and commitment demonstrated. Each member received a set of sustainable and reusable branded items.
  • SharkNinja Family Digital Cookbook  Kicked off solicitation of recipes from associates that are cultural or family favorites.

  • SharkNinja Cares 21 Days of Giving Through our donations and volunteer platform, we offered a special 2:1 match on charitable contributions made by our associates.

  • How Race & Gender Impact Cross-Cultural Communications in the Workplace  A conversation with Shari Dunn  How we communicate is rooted not only in our family of origin and the community in which we were raised but also by the narrative and feedback society provides to and about us as we mature into adults. Many workplace conflicts can be traced back to both the style of communication and interpretation of that communication.


SharkNinja is a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people.

By providing highly functional, innovative products, SharkNinja has rapidly carved out a significant market share in the housewares industry, becoming one of the leading companies in this sector. From cutting-edge, market-leading vacuums to high-quality at-home coffee systems, SharkNinja products positively impact people’s lives every day in every home around the world.

SharkNinja started out in Montreal, Canada and has since settled in Needham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

Mark Rosenzweig is the Founder of SharkNinja.

Mark Rosenzweig

Mark Rosenzweig


Mark Barrocas

Mark Barrocas


Neil Shah

Neil Shah

Chief Commercial Officer, EVP

David Stevenson

David Stevenson

Chief Financial Officer, EVP

Pedro J. Lopez-Baldrich

Pedro J. Lopez-Baldrich

Chief Legal Officer, EVP

Ross Richardson

Ross Richardson

Executive Vice President,
Global Engineering – Shark & Ninja 

Kim Smolko

Kim Smolko

Executive Vice President,

Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Executive Vice President,
Global Engineering – Shark

Anthony Marra

Anthony Marra

Senior Vice President,
Global Product Development – Shark 

Purvin Shah

Purvin Shah

Senior Vice President,
Global Product Development – Ninja