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In pursuit of a future-positive world – through the power of innovative thinking.

At SharkNinja, we are driven to solve the problems most won’t even dare to address.

In fact, we proudly stand for being a consumer problem-solving engine that creates innovative and affordable products that positively impact people’s lives every day, in every home. While we’re doing our part to forever change human behavior through the power of brilliant products solving for consumer’s needs, that’s not enough.

That is why we are deeply committed to applying our strength of innovative thinking for greater good. This is Our Positive Impact Plan and our commitment to being Product Positive, Planet Positive, and People Positive. 

As an organization, we are rarely satisfied. Progress for us is more important than perfection, which is why every small victory will make a big difference in bringing us closer to a future-positive world, for all.

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Mark Barrocas, President

Product Positive

Product positive

Product Positive

A vow to continue to design innovative, smart, and safe products that make a meaningful and measurable difference to the environment, society and our consumers’ lives.

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Planet Positive

Planet Positive

A pledge to use our deep knowledge to lead the way in remanufacturing, developing innovative and sustainable products that reduce landfill waste, minimize our carbon footprint and decrease our environmental impact.

People Positive

People Positive

A commitment to foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion that empowers our people to achieve their personal and professional aspirations, while making a societal impact in all the communities and geographies we serve.

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Our Positive Impact Plan In Action