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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

At SharkNinja, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is vital to our global success. Valuing each unique voice and blending all of our diverse skills strengthens SharkNinja’s innovation every day. We support ALL of our associates in bringing their authentic selves to work, making an impact, and having the opportunity for career acceleration. With help from our leadership, associates, and our community, we aim to have equity be a key component of the SharkNinja DNA. 

Our DE&I program consists of four subcommittees, 100+ global associate volunteers, and a Global DEI Advisory Board.


We focus on metrics and data analytics to enhance, streamline and improve our business processes and systems. We partner with Talent Attraction, Learning & Development, and business functions to infuse DEI throughout the organization.


We are committed to directly impacting the key pillars of Education, Healthcare, and Jobs & Opportunity. We support our communities through direct donations to non-profit organizations, volunteer work, and partnerships. SharkNinja offers a corporate matching program for associates through SharkNinja Cares.


We have successfully launched 7 Affinity Groups. We look for new platforms and channels to communicate, encourage and surface ideas and questions from our associates worldwide, and offer speaker and workshop events to promote global awareness and collaboration.


We strive to elevate and amplify all associates’ voices and provide education resources to support cultural, growth and professional development.

Our associates bring passion, dedication, and originality to all of our workstreams.

Affinity Groups


There are two fundamental beliefs that have helped to shape my career over the past two decades in marketing: that everyone has a responsibility to send the elevator back down to help those still waiting for the doors to open and that it is crucial to help create an environment where women have role models – if they see it, they can be it. WE LEAD provides women an avenue to engage with these types of opportunities and is a community that I’m passionate about helping to grow.


Women’s WE Lead Affinity Group Lead

Being a part of the mission to make SharkNinja a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is a gratifying and humbling experience. In my time as leader of South Asian @ SharkNinja, I’m proud that my team spearheaded the education of fellow employees globally about various cultures that exist on the subcontinent through events like Holi, ensuring proper knowledge of the VISA/Green Card process for our non-US citizen colleagues and so much more while having a lot of fun along the way!


South Asian Affinity Group Lead
Jess Schroeder

I have been looking forward to SharkNinja becoming more involved in DEI initiatives for many years, so it was a given that I would volunteer my time to the DEI committee and leading an affinity group when such a moment came. Being the inaugural lead of Latinx@SN and supporting other affinity groups as an ally, I hope to motivate other global associates to find their own way to make an impact on our employee support, global corporate culture, and the future of products developed for truly everyone.


Latinx Affinity Group Lead

When the DEI committee was implemented at SharkNinja, I knew I wanted to participate in such an impactful initiative that would not only benefit the organization, but also the everyday lives of our associates. Being an Affinity Group leader has absolutely given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone in my personal and professional lives and has helped me improve tremendously on my leadership skills.


Black Affinity Group Lead

More than ever before, our world is increasingly more digital, and many employees are hungry for deep and meaningful connections within our networks. The Women’s WE Lead Affinity Group is an opportunity to express our humanity by being vulnerable and sharing some unique experiences of being women in a competitive professional environment. My goal as co-chair is to see this Affinity Group serve as the voice of women at SN and help make it an exceptional organization for women to work.


Women’s WE Lead Affinity Group Lead

Becoming the lead of the Pan-Asian Affinity Group has pushed me to grow my professional and personal skills in an important role outside of my usual day job, and also bond with colleagues I would have never met otherwise. I’m proud to be involved with DEI and know that I’m helping to accomplish positive improvements for individuals and our business as a whole.


Pan Asian Affinity Group Lead

Getting involved with DEI pushed me outside of my day-to-day role and to the forefront of making SharkNinja more equitable and inclusive. Leading LGBTQ+ @ SharkNinja, I’ve been able to initiate real, measurable change in both our company culture and corporate policies.


LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Lead

This picture was taken around the time I started my DEI work. COVID had been hard, managing two kids, and major projects as part of work requirement. I needed a change of pace and wanted to try something different. It was the best decision I ever did.  I met incredible people, helped create a culture of inclusion, tackled important initiatives, and learned a lot about my colleagues and myself.


MENA (Middle Eastern and North Africa) Affinity Group Lead

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