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Everyone has a Story.

When people share their life experiences in honest and vulnerable ways, everyone gains a greater appreciation and understating of those different from them. Here are their stories. 

Jacques Manager, Digital Support 
– Canada 

MENA & North Africa AG Leader

“This picture was taken around the time I started my DEI work. COVID had been hard, managing two kids, and major projects as part of the work requirement. I needed a change of pace and wanted to try something different. It was the best decision I ever did. I met incredible people, helped create a culture of inclusion, tackled important initiatives, and learned a lot about my colleagues and myself.” 

Jenny, Program Coordinator
International – US

Pan-Asian Affinity Group Leader

“My day-to-day responsibilities serving as the liaison between our ROW (Rest of World) distributors and internal SharkNinja teams have taught me the importance of the DEI role in a more globalized setting. As the company continues to grow and expand, having a DEI mindset is important for me to become more empathetic, adaptable, and above all, open-minded. With this motivation, I am excited to re-vamp and lead the Pan Asian Affinity group to share how our personal and professional lives tie in with DEI. ” 

Binu, Principal II, R&D Engineering

South Asian Affinity Group Leader

“I feel privileged to serve as a leader of the South Asian Diversity Equity and Inclusion group. My goal would be to create a strong and vibrant South Asian community that provides support through social connections and also spread awareness of this community to the greater part of the company.”

Hilary, Senior Manager
International – US

Women’s Affinity Group Leader

“Throughout my career, I have found that the most powerful conversations are those that take place amongst diverse individuals and teams. DEI allows me to step out of my comfort zone while meeting a diverse array of leaders whom I do not engage with on a regular basis. As the leader of the Women’s Affinity group, I am thrilled by the opportunity to help foster a forum for all women to share their experiences and help support one another as we navigate the challenges of being a woman in business. I am grateful for those who have helped support me in my career thus far, which is why I am excited to give back to this incredible community at SharkNinja.” 

JT, Marketing Specialist

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Leader

“I am honored to be leading the LGBTQ+ group at SharkNinja for the upcoming year! I strongly believe that people along with their stories and experiences are the most beautiful and powerful component of any organization. I am thrilled to continue to facilitate and further build out an atmosphere that is inclusive, equitable, and celebratory for all LGBTQ+ individuals.” 

Chezliah, DEI Intern

Latinx Affinity Group Leader

“Hi everyone! I am the current DEI Intern at SN! Throughout high school, university, and post-grad, DEI has been integral to my mission to include BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) in various spaces. This includes academically, society, the corporate sphere, and more! As someone of Egyptian and Jamaican ancestry, the concept of community building in multicultural spaces has always sparked my interest — to create environments that are empathetic and supportive for different people groups across the board. I truly believe that inclusion and belonging are necessary in creating a dynamic, understanding, and intersectional workplace that accurately reflects the world that we live in.” 

Regis, Test Engineer

Black Affinity Group Leader

“I am honored to be named the new leader of the black affinity group at SharkNinja. I grew up in the city of Boston and found joy in doing community service throughout my years. I look forward to continuing my journey and plan to create a community we all wish to see here at SharkNinja. We will have a community that is supportive, knowledgeable, and impact-ready! I look forward to getting to know you all.”

Louise, Mechatronics Engineer

Women in Engineering Leadership (WeLead) DEI Group Leader

“It is a privilege to represent London’s WeLead group, who champion the growth of women in our workplace and beyond. Women are underrepresented in engineering, so the WeLead group brings the women of SharkNinja together and facilitates conversations about our shared experiences, to build and strengthen connections. I love that at SharkNinja we celebrate our diversity, and everyone is encouraged and empowered to be their authentic self at work.”  

Alistair, Amazon Account Manager

DEI Group Leader

“I became involved with DEI in the Leeds Office as I was interested to learn about the changes that are happening (and the ones which still need to happen) in the working world and society and participating in those changes. As a polyglot working internationally, I recognize the benefits of inclusivity and diversity and I am passionate about making things equitable for people from people of all backgrounds. I have already learned a lot and met some great people through DEI, and I look forward to continuing the journey whilst challenging convention.”

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