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Everyone has a Story.

When people share their life experiences in honest and vulnerable ways, everyone gains a greater appreciation and understating of those different from them. Here are their stories. 

“There are two fundamental beliefs that have helped to shape my career over the past two decades in marketing: that everyone has a responsibility to send the elevator back down to help those still waiting for the doors to open and that it is crucial to help create an environment where women have role models – if they see it, they can be it. WE LEAD provides women an avenue to engage with these types of opportunities and is a community that I’m passionate about helping to grow.” 

Claire, Director of Marketing

“As a person who loves to help a community grow, DEI is more than just the right place for me. It allows me to volunteer and provides the support we need to grow and have our voices heard as a community. As a co-lead to the South Asian @SharkNinja affinity group, I now have an opportunity to work with my community in supporting others, spreading knowledge of our various cultures, as well as cultivating a more equitable and inclusive space for all of us to be in.” 

Raghav, Software Quality Automation Engineer

“I am humbled to be the leader of the South Asian DEI and feel privileged to represent the South-Asian group at SharkNinja. It’s an opportunity for me to continue walking the path as my former leaders and spreading awareness about the various South-Asian ethnicities and cultures. DEI would be felicitous in providing a sense of belonging, building a strong pipeline, and social connections. The aim will be to support the South-Asian communities’ values, increase the demographic outreach while having fun along the way.” 

Guhan, Mechanical Engineer

“Having had the opportunity to work for SharkNinja in both the US and China, I’ve experienced firsthand the incredible impact of broadening horizons, expanding perspectives and even, acknowledging our differences. SharkNinja’s DEI Affinity program is helping to facilitate similar experiences & conversations for our Associates around the world and I’m excited to be a part of this initiative – helping the company embrace what it truly means to be a Global brand.” 

Brittany, VP Global Supply Planning

“More than ever before, our world is increasingly more digital, and many employees are hungry for deep and meaningful connections within our networks. The Women’s WE Lead Affinity Group is an opportunity to express our humanity by being vulnerable and sharing some unique experiences of being women in a competitive professional environment. My goal as co-chair is to see this Affinity Group serve as the voice of women at SN and help make it an exceptional organization for women to work.” 

Lizz, Sr Brand Marketing Manager

“Growing up I never felt like I racially fit in anywhere – there isn’t even a US census race category specific to those of Middle Eastern or North African descent. DEI is important to me because as the first born of Iranian immigrants, I had a unique experience and I want others like me to feel a sense of belonging. Everyone deserves to feel included.” 

Tania, Project Manager, Business Process Excellence

“It is critical for me to work in an environment that celebrates diversity and enables each individual to feel comfortable to be their true self. I am honored to lead LGBTQ+ @ SharkNinja and work with my colleagues to continue to foster a workplace that is inclusive and equitable for employees of all sexual orientation and gender identities.”

Josh, Sr Manager, Product Development

“DEI is important to me because it’s important for me to learn and understand cultures other than my own. I also strongly believe in employers encouraging everybody to feel safe and welcome being their true and authentic selves in the workplace and around their colleagues.” 

Steven, Pure Player & E-Commerce Specialist

“The scale and quality of DEI activity taking place at SharkNinja is mirrored by our enthusiastic leadership team who are quick to support initiatives, providing guidance and the crucial funding required to kickstart these initiatives.
– that’s a source of motivation and pride for me.”

Sam, Consumer Insights Manager

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